• 26 Apr

    Bryan Lewis

    Virginia Tech Network Dynamics & Simulation Science Laboratory

    The Who

    Bryan was the FIRST Member to write his dissertation at OpenSpace – having spent many, many, many hours here writing, researching, stressing, drinking, & snacking. He’s super-smart and now has the letters after his name to prove it. We’re so PROUD of him!

    So what does that somewhat quiet and wonderfully kind guy you see all the time do? Bryan and his team from Virginia Tech (“yay!” or “boo!” depending on your ilk) do something called Public Health Modeling. In layman’s terms, that means that they help predict how diseases will travel through a population under different scenarios. Then, they advise public health officials and policy-makers as to the policies they should create.

    As Bryan says, “The paradox of public health is that if you’re doing a good job, nobody knows it.”

    Remember that H1N1 flu scare that never really materialized?

    Well, we have Bryan and his team to thank – their recommendations showed up in White House policies and the whole thing was a “non-event.”

    Lately, Bryan’s been working on how to minimize the cholera outbreak in Haiti. Talk about impact and the things that matter …. Thanks Bryan!

    THE Why OpenSpace

    Bryan had been working from home for about a year when he found OpenSpace (he was one of the early-adopters). His favorite thing about working at OpenSpace: Productivity.

    On working from home now, Bryan says, “I’m too ineffective, and it’s too lonely. It drives me insane.” And, we say welcome to work sanity – we’ve got your back.

    What You Might Not Know

    Bryan is a new dad to baby Madeline born March 1, 2011. I bet he has a pic on his phone if you ask …. Or, we’ll just show you one here – we couldn’t resist her cuteness!

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  • 20 Apr

    Can’t find your locker? Member lockers have now moved from the south side to the gallery by the kitchen and conference studios!

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  • 19 Apr

    Reminder: The OpenSpace Event Showcase Is Tomorrow Night!

    Bring your friends & celebrate our new special events space with us on Wednesday, 4/20 from 7pm-9pm! Come check out some of Charlottesville’s finest event professionals and see the ’south side’ at its best!

    Screen shot 2011-04-19 at 10.16.14 AMParticipating vendors include:

    Dickie Morris – Events, Jen Fariello Photography, Beehive Florists, Randi Cakes, Blue Ridge Light Forms, Rock Paper Scissors, Festive Fare Rentals, Brookville Restaurant, Blue Mountain Brewery, Rio Hill Wine & Gourmet, and more!

    Everyone is invited! RSVP at

    (The event is complementary, but rsvp is requested.)

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  • 14 Apr

    Let it never be said that OpenSpace is no fun. In fact, we’re ready to prove it. Due to popular demand, OpenSpace’s Forum (affectionately known as the “south side”) will become exclusive event space as of Saturday, April 17th.

    What does that mean? Well, we’re painting a wall, moving the lockers to the north side and removing the unmovable tables. The Forum will now be able to play host to larger workshops, conferences, rehearsal dinners, receptions & company events. Thanks for your patience everyone as we make this exciting transition! And to celebrate the new event space, we’re having a party!

    You’re Invited!

    The OpenSpace Event Showcase

    Bring your friends & celebrate with us on Wednesday, 4/20 from 7pm-9pm! (free of charge, of course). Come and explore downtown Cville’s hippest venue and sample offerings from some of our town’s finest event professionals:

    Dickie Morris – Events, Jen Fariello Photography,

    Beehive Florists, Randi Cakes,

    Blue Ridge Light Forms, Rock Paper Scissors,

    Festive Fare Rentals, Brookville Restaurant,

    Blue Mountain Brewery, Rio Hill Wine & Gourmet, and more!

    Please RSVP to

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  • 13 Apr

    Workaholics, rejoice! You asked for it, you got it: 24 x 7 Access arrives at OpenSpace in MAY!

    Screen shot 2011-04-13 at 3.19.00 PM

    We are pleased to announce that 24×7 Access to the North Side (where the printer, kitchen, and work studios are) will be available to all Unlimited Members at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE starting May 2011.

    Yes, that’s right. Unlimited Members will not have to pay anything extra, whether you’re working at 2 AM or on the weekends!

    If you are an Unlimited Member, you can request 24×7 ACCESS under the new Amenities tab when you log in to your online account. If you are an envious night owl on a Team or Occasional Plan and are interested in 24×7, please see us at the Hello! Bar to discuss your options.

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  • 05 Apr

    Screen shot 2011-03-24 at 10.06.54 AMWhere should OpenSpace Members & Guests NOT park?

    • The ACAC parking lot (even if you’re an ACAC Member, you can’t park there all day – if you do, then we get calls & it just gets really messy).

    Where should OpenSpace Members & Guests park?

    • We validate 2 hours in the Water Street Parking Garage.
    • There is free 2-hour and all-day parking along Second Street and Monticello Avenue (obey the signs – the parking police have been pretty aggressive lately).

    Interested in parking in the garage for only $100/month?

    • Email Kristy at
    • Or, now you can request a parking space in the garage using your OpenSpace Account with our new Amenities feature! Just log into your account and click the Amenities tab at the top to add your parking spot.

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  • 01 Apr

    Last Tuesday evening OpenSpace hosted a beer tasting with Starr Hill Brewery’s Master Brewer Mark Thompson, who shared with us four of his excellent brews: Lucy, Northern Lights, The Love, and Festie. Mark also kept us entertained with plenty of beer facts and history and great tales from Starr Hill’s road to success.

    Big thanks to Mark and everyone who came out and made it such a fun night!

    Screen shot 2011-03-30 at 7.24.11 PM

    Screen shot 2011-03-30 at 7.29.28 PM

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